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Celebrating 5000 subscribers

2014-07-05 10:03:22 by HogisLeDude

My channel on youtube is getting 5000 subscribers very soon and am right now confirming the sequel to Kim By Night as my celebration movie.

Dawn is just around the corner for Kim.4798991_140456900121_city_of_kim.jpg


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2014-07-05 10:56:49

Congrats dude, you making any money from YT?

HogisLeDude responds:

Making money on Youtube and


2014-07-05 12:12:56

Congrats! I've watched all of your videos but only just now subbed.
You should partner with my YouTube network, no lockin and higher revenue share because of being an animator.


2014-07-05 14:14:50

My GAWD the subscribers
IS OVER 9000


2014-07-05 16:33:55

Congratulations! :D
Can't wait for the celebration movie ^__^


2014-07-07 11:37:28

The Night leads to Dawn.
Dawn means morning.
Morning means hangover.
You know where i going with this.


2014-07-07 12:56:19

Cool but maybe it needs more yiff? XD

HogisLeDude responds:

Well, Thank you!
Now i can't stop listening to it! >=/