You want more Kim videos?!

2016-02-09 08:38:49 by HogisLeDude



Don't really have any ideas at the moment but when something pops up in my mind, I'll deliver.


Just have to finish some other work before I work on this. Stay cool dudes!


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2016-02-13 07:56:43

I dunno, man. I kinda prefer the old Kim. Maybe it's because she looks happier. Maybe it's because of the bigger breasts. ...It's probably the breasts.

HogisLeDude responds:

lol! I guess I can inflate her a little and turn that frown upside down. She's not a depressed broad, don't worry about that. She'll be just as cheerful and sick, just the way you love it.


2016-02-23 19:28:11

Hahahaha, it's just an opinion, man. Don't feel the need to compromise your artistic vision because some guy on the internet likes tits. :P


2016-03-29 13:19:47

huh well...i'd say the new face it's fine but...i feel she has lost the ''innocent'' look she used to have XD the overrall body it's pretty nice tough. and i think the hair improved pretty much. keep up the good work!
-From one of your youtube subs, and new ground subs :D


2016-04-02 22:29:43

Looking good, your art is improving.


2016-05-04 05:35:06

design looks neater and she actually has a neck now although there is something about her anatomy that seems off (i feel like shes too long compared to the older's hip/waist posture)

that and her hair kinda bugs me but now im just being picky