Hi again!

2016-05-17 08:58:42 by HogisLeDude

First of i'd like to apolegize for not uploading anything in a while or in time. I want you guys to know how grateful i am to have you as my subscribers and i hope you will like what i have in store for you in the future. But you may be wondering right now what i've been up to lately. Well if you must know, i've been busy working with smashbits on a series for another channel on youtube that i can't talk about now but believe me when i say that we're very excited for this. What's the other channel you ask? ... Well...


That's right people and you can visit their channel in the links i will post in the description down below. So i will let you know when my work will be up there.

Dreamworks TV

SmashBits channel


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