2016-09-22 15:13:34 by HogisLeDude

Hey everyone. I'm here to let you know that i'm still around and i've been working my ass off for Smashbits to give you guys these cool videos! (Link below) Please check em out. And don't worry. I'm working on my own stuff for you guys on my free time.

I made:

Cats vs Dogs

Robot vs Zombie

Rock vs Paper vs Scissors

Magic vs Science

But i urge you to check them all out because they are awesome. Hope to see ya'll soon again!! ;D



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2016-09-24 05:48:42

Whoops! I accidentally deleted my comment. Luckily I've read the reply that you said you work for their channel. I hate it that it don't have confirmation when deleting my own comment

HogisLeDude responds:

No problem ;D