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Hey guys! Guess wut!

2015-09-13 14:39:22 by HogisLeDude


We're doing another!


League of legends and more!

2015-08-09 05:52:42 by HogisLeDude

Wazzup! There's been BIG things going on during summer. If you haven't checked out my latest vid on youtube. You should do that here and now to see what you'll get when we reach 10 000 subs.

8000 subs milestone:



Plus that i'm working a lot on Smashbit's League Of Legends videos that you can watch here (next up is Kogmaw and Olaf):



I've also started an experimental pod where i talk about my life with animation and some updates:



Next vid that i'm working on is coming to newgrounds now so stay tuned! And please follow me on twitter for as much news that i can post!


How to annoy at LoL + News and update

2015-04-17 04:02:42 by HogisLeDude

Some of you may wonder where i've been. I've been working with Bit-Smash on their LoL series called: How to be annoying at LoL. You can check out the entire first season here:


So now i'm back and working on my own stuff, have been for awhile now actually. I'm planning to make new short movies to my youtube channel every 2nd weekend just to keep you occupied while i work on the real stuff for Newgrounds. This weekend you'll see a Super Smash video.

BTW! Vote for Wonder Red (Wonderful 101) in the Smash Ballot. ;D

Something strange

2014-10-01 07:08:53 by HogisLeDude

Finally being able to go back to work on new vids. Look forward to a detective's story (That's not the title of the movie)4798991_141216167081_n.jpg4798991_141216161942_n.jpg

So i wont be working with any Kim videos for a little while now since i want time for other stuff too now. But i felt that it would be fun showing Kim as she will look in the future (Old on the right, new on the left). I've obviously shrunken her bust size and gave her a little more extra shadows. More changes will be added in the future but i hope you like it. =D

To all who don't know, this is all done in "Anime Studio Pro 9" so... yes... this is all done with just a mouse... I've been planing on buying a tablet. I think it would be fun to work with. ^^


The most hated characters in every Kim video

2014-07-28 05:49:57 by HogisLeDude


Hah! Don't worry people. They've already been deflated for future movies! ;D

I can admit that the size is overkill but still ridiculous how this kind of thing really rustle peoples jimmies and gets in the way of the actual video.

Celebrating 5000 subscribers

2014-07-05 10:03:22 by HogisLeDude

My channel on youtube is getting 5000 subscribers very soon and am right now confirming the sequel to Kim By Night as my celebration movie.

Dawn is just around the corner for Kim.4798991_140456900121_city_of_kim.jpg

Hooray for 500 fans!

2014-07-03 13:40:11 by HogisLeDude

Thank you all very much! Hope to bring you more enjoyment in the future! =D

Oh boy!

2014-06-25 04:33:34 by HogisLeDude

So right now i'm going through some stress since i have to find a job and that is pretty much impossible during the summer so video productions will be slow right now. Sorry 'bout that.

Quelaag to watashi

2014-04-08 15:57:34 by HogisLeDude

A new small side-project i have in the works right now about the two sisters, The Fair Lady and her sister Quelaag. For those who don't know, these characters (or bosses if you will) come from the popular Dark Souls game which recently got a sequel. This is going to be a anime inspired parody with kawaii moments with our protagonists The Fair Lady and Quelaag. First short should be done by the end of the week and will be uploaded on Youtube and Newgrounds.