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Check out the latest trailer of our upcoming "Counterspell"


Check out my latest video on Machinima. I was only responsible for the animation. See ya soon!


Finally back again

2013-11-19 09:20:04 by HogisLeDude

Sorry for being absent from you guys but I'm finally back again and with a new computer and all. I will be working on Blood High now and a few other short videos. I will be reworking on some scenes in blood high that i wasn't satisfied with. See ya'll soon. Now i have to eat some sushi. Yum!

Got a new computer!

2013-11-17 16:53:07 by HogisLeDude

My new computer has finally arrived. Isn't it nice?! ;D
And yes! That is a Kallen mousepad.

You can look forward to new videos soon.

Got a new computer!

I'll be back

2013-11-04 03:02:02 by HogisLeDude

I've ordered a new computer so i will work on videos again as soon as it arrives.

I have a couple of videos in the works like Blood High and other short videos. Hope you're looking forward to 'em.

It's good mah boi!

2013-10-14 02:57:20 by HogisLeDude

First of! I'd like to thank each and everyone of you guys who gave me this epic support and i hope you'll be looking forward to more of my stuff in the future. I'll decide if i want to bring some exclusive shows/videos to Newgrounds or if i from now on, upload Blood High here. Maybe you want me to keep making more stuff with Kim? lawl ;D

Oh well. Hope to see you all soon.

P.S. I was thinking of bringing a spin-of with Blood High on here maybe. Check out Garnet in her new style.

It's good mah boi!

What's going on?!

2013-09-27 12:01:43 by HogisLeDude

Youtube isn't the best place to upload my animations since it's more for Pewdiepie or RayWJ-people. I feel that i want to share my work on Newgrounds too where only animations are uploaded plus it may give me better exposure and stuff.

Here's for a good time on Newgrounds.